s Takes a Turn at Veggielution

Tami, Karen, Michele & Ngoc – represent various focus areas of coming together for this meaningful activity

’s various offices came together last Friday for a wellness activity that brought us together at one of our Grantee Partner sites, Veggielution. The annual activity is a chance to get together outdoors and feel a part of the processes that we support. 

From weeding the land where fruits and vegetables will be planted, to packaging the locally grown harvest for distribution, we all contributed to a fellow local nonprofit that shares our mission of building health equity. 

Time spent in the office and at the computer, while essential, can sometimes feel abstract and not hands-on. Seeing the outcome of our work in the form of a thriving community farm is refreshing. We are pleased to be a small part of increasing access to fresh fruit and vegetables through trusted partners in health such as Veggielution. 

What is ? The mission of Veggielution is to connect people from diverse backgrounds outdoors through food and farming to build community in East San José. The farm is a safe, accessible and well-maintained gathering space for the East San José community to reconnect to the land and to each other. They offer cooking classes, mentorships, and so much more!