Working to Prevent Congress from Moving Backwards – The fight to prevent use of leaded fuel at public-use airports nationwide

Supervisor Chavez provided an overview of her proposed recommendations related to Reid-Hillview Airport and unleaded fuel, which will be discussed by the Board of Supervisors on 12/12/23

Michele Lew from spoke about the harmful effects of lead on children.

Local residents Ernesto and Maricela spoke about the challenges and problems with living near the airport.

In 2022, Santa Clara County banned the sale of leaded aviation gas at Reid-Hillview Airport. Local advocacy groups supported the efforts, recognizing the harmful impacts of lead poisoning.

Over the last few years, has participated in advocacy to close Reid-Hillview Airport and ban the sale of leaded gas at the airport, shining a light on the health impacts on local children who live, play, and go to school near the airport.

’s CEO Michele Lew joined County Supervisor Cindy Chavez, former County Supervisor Blanca Alvarado, and neighborhood advocates at a press conference on Dec. 11th to continue advocacy against leaded fuel at community airports such as Reid-Hillview.

The has declared that emissions from aircrafts that use leaded fuel pose a danger to public health. And according to the Centers for Disease Control, protecting children from exposure to lead is important to lifelong good health. No safe blood lead level in children has been identified. Even low levels of lead in blood have been shown to negatively affect a child’s intelligence, ability to pay attention, and academic achievement.

Our county should continue to move forward in keeping leaded fuel away from children, and providing safe spaces for youth recreation and wellness.