National Root Cause Summit takes a Fresh Approach

In December 2020, awarded a grant to to conduct a literature review centering on African Ancestry maternal and infant health.  This comprehensive review played a pivotal role in shaping the development and implementation of a culturally responsive pilot program, “Food as Medicine,” specifically targeting women of African Ancestry in Santa Clara County.

Recently, Roots Community Health Clinic and had the privilege to present at the in Kansas City. Alma Burrell, Chief Administrative Officer, and Nkemka Egbuho, Program Coordinator from Roots, and Shaunta McGee, our Vice President of Programs, led a fireside chat on “Food as Medicine: A Fresh Approach to Black Maternal Health.”

Shaunta McGee, seated on the far right

Shaunta shares her thoughts and enriching first-hand experiences at the conference. 

Read more about it from her perspective, below.

Firstly, I had an absolutely amazing time at the conference!

One of the highlights for me was being given the opportunity to facilitate a fireside chat with Alma Burrell and Nkemka Egbuho, MPH. Our discussion centered around the Root Community Health Clinic’s innovative approach to Black Maternal Health intervention, specifically their “Food as Medicine” program for pregnant and postpartum black women in Santa Clara County. It was truly inspiring to hear about their efforts to address this critical issue.

In addition, I had the pleasure of meeting some incredible individuals at the conference, including Susan M Wolfe, PhD and Ann Price. Their passion for creating positive change within their respective communities was truly infectious. I’m excited about the potential collaborations and connections that may arise from these encounters.

Moving forward, I would love to stay in touch with these amazing women and continue our discussions on shared passions and initiatives. Let’s keep each other updated on our progress and explore ways we can support one another’s work.

Once again, thank you for providing such a meaningful platform through the Root Cause Coalition National Summit. It has been an enriching experience that has further fueled my commitment to making a difference.

The Root Cause Coalition’s Annual National Summit brings together representatives from health systems, hospital associations, foundations, businesses, national and community nonprofits, health insurers, academic institutions and policy centers to share best practices. To finally achieve health equity we must work together, across sectors of service, to address systemic racism and the social determinants of health.