Invests in Agencies Building Health Equity Across Santa Clara and Northern San Benito Counties

San Jose, CA – On December 13, 2023, ’s Board of Trustees approved six new grants totaling $735,000. The grants are part of quarter two of ’s fiscal year 2023-2024 $2.4 million grantmaking budget, supporting nonprofit organizations and public agencies aligned with ’s mission and focus areas.

Three grants awarded out of the foundation’s Health Partnership Fund mark year two of a three-year pilot program to support people with Type 2 diabetes through partnerships with community health centers: Gardner Health Services, Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley, and Roots Community Health Center, South Bay. Two additional Health Partnership grants were also awarded to First 5 San Benito and Rahima International Foundation.

The City of San Jose Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services received a grant as a part of the Health Equity Fund.

Together, the projects will build health equity by improving health outcomes amongst individuals with Type 2 diabetes; strengthening the infrastructure of the food safety net in San Benito County; providing culturally preferred foods to families and individuals experiencing food insecurity; and supporting a cross-sector partnership to impact key areas contributing to health.

Health Partnership Grant Awards

Health Partnership Grants support organizations, programs, and projects that seek to address health inequality, prioritizing deeply impacted communities, aligned with the Health Trust’s mission and focus areas: Food and Nutrition, Chronic Disease Prevention & Management, and Supportive Housing.

First 5 San Benito

To address food insecurity and strengthen the food ecosystem by establishing the first certified commercial kitchen, pantry and cold storage in San Benito County.

Gardner Health Services

To improve overall access and quality of care in disease management for patients who are diabetic at their Gilroy health center.

Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley - Indian Health CenterIndian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley

To provide patients with poorly controlled diabetes with comprehensive care to prevent complications associated with poorly controlled diabetes in Santa Clara County.

Rahima FoundationRahima International Foundation

To support the health and well-being of low-income communities throughout Santa Clara County through their Food Distribution Program.

Roots Community Health Center, 59% OFF | Community Health Center

To improve health outcomes in diabetes care within communities of African descent by increasing awareness, education, access, and opportunity to engage in care, and encourage lifestyle changes at their South Bay clinic.

Health Equity Fund Awards

Health Equity Fund grants are designed to support projects that fall outside of our focus areas, yet support the health and well-being of communities disproportionately impacted by health disparities.

San Jose Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services | Brands of the World™  | Download vector logos and logotypes

City of San Jose Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services

To support a Blue Zones Project San Jose Readiness Assessment that will take a fresh look at how City, County and cross-sector community leadership can unify approaches to three key areas known to contribute to health: Policy, People, and Place.


believes every Silicon Valley resident should have the opportunity to live a healthy life. For over 25 years we’ve prioritized health-related grants, policies, and services to help give everyone the opportunity to be healthy – especially the most marginalized. Our focus is on food and nutrition, chronic disease prevention and management, and housing support for people facing deep health disparities. As a funder, we provide grants in support of organizations and initiatives that prioritize community health.

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