Housing and Health – One Story of How We Can Help

Research shows a strong correlation between housing and health. In our Housing Services department, we offer a variety of supports to help clients maintain or secure housing. We are delighted to have played a meaningful role in the lives of Makayla and her child. Her heartfelt letter to us resonated profoundly, and it is with immense pride that we share it here: 

My name is Makayla, my experience with Health Trust has been outstanding!

My case worker Terry B really went above and beyond to make sure all my needs were met for me and my 4 year old to be housed as soon as possible. I’m very grateful to have had her assigned to me because I felt like she genuinely cared and wasn’t just doing her job.

If it wasn’t for I would still be homeless. Even after moving into my new apartment Terry has checked in with me multiple times to make sure I was okay, which really meant a lot to me as well. I was homeless since I was 16 so having a safe place to call home and get ready for work is very important to me especially as a mother. I found a two bedroom apartment I fell in love with and Terry helped me get my deposit paid and made sure my landlord received it as fast as possible so I could move in right before the holidays. Thank you Terry and .

Our Case Managers are compassionate and knowledgeable. They understand every client is different and each individual requires a personalized set of supports to thrive as Makayla and her child are presently doing. Our area has faced severe weather and knowing that we ensured the safety of this family is just one compelling example of the meaningful work we do. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with their housing, consider the support we offer to provide hope, alleviate stress and discover sustainable solutions. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Note: The name of the client has been changed to protect her anonymity. This testimonial is in her words and first-hand experience.