Our Focus

Food & Nutrition | Chronic Disease Prevention & Management | Supportive Housing

Unique Approach

We use a multifaceted approach when tackling health disparities plaguing the most vulnerable populations in our community: older adults, recently housed individuals, and people at risk of, or living with, a chronic condition.

We align our roles as a funder, a provider, and an advocate to create lasting change for the people we serve and to the systems and policies affecting their health.

As a funder, we award grants to community-based organizations and community initiatives that are building health equity. We seek to amplify our role as a grantmaker by partnering with other like-minded funders.

As a provider, we provide direct services to vulnerable community members. Our services are tried-and-true, evidence based, and often not provided by other local community-based organizations.

As an advocate, we champion systems and policy changes that align with our focus areas. We seek to amplify our role as a bold policy advocate by partnering with government officials, local leaders, and community-based organizations to catalyze change on a broader, county-wide level.

Food & Nutrition

For the greater part of a decade we’ve worked on expanding access to healthy food. Today, studies are being conducted nationwide that prove that food can be used to treat illness and disease – that food is medicine. Early studies by the Food is Medicine Coalition are seeing a 28% reduction in hospitalizations for people with congestive heart failure who take part in a medically tailored meal program. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we increase access to nutritious food for our most vulnerable.

As a funder and advocate, we seek to champion programs and policies aimed at increasing access to healthy food that improves the health of vulnerable community members. As a provider, we provide nutritionally appropriate food designed to meet the health needs of clients with complex chronic conditions.

Chronic Disease Prevention & Management

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 680,800 adults in Santa Clara County are estimated to have prediabetes or undiagnosed diabetes. Per The National Association of County and City Health Officials, heart disease accounts for 22% of the deaths among Santa Clara County adult residents. Furthermore, existing local health disparities demonstrate the need for differentiated, culturally competent supports to help people of all ages prevent and manage chronic diseases.

Within this focus area, we prioritize four key chronic diseases: arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. As a funder and advocate, we seek to improve systems and funding and enact policies that will make it easier to prevent and treat the aforementioned chronic diseases. As a provider we offer community- and evidence-based chronic disease management services to people living with the aforementioned complex chronic diseases.

Supportive Housing

The 2017 Santa Clara County Homeless Census and Survey Comprehensive Report states that there are 7,394 individuals experiencing homelessness in Santa Clara County. The report also states that the average life expectancy for individuals experiencing homelessness is 25 years less than those in stable housing. These families and individuals are among the most vulnerable in our community. If housing is the solution to end homelessness, providing recently housed individuals with the health and wellness support they need is essential to help them remain stably housed.

As a funder and advocate, we support policies and projects that prioritize the implementation of healthy food programs and health related support services at affordable and supportive housing complexes. As a provider, we help individuals who are homeless and/or HIV+ find housing, and provide them the intensive case management and health and wellness services necessary to improve their health.